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Well... I'm not sure where to begin really... Um, my name is Richard, you can call me Richie. There's a problem with my head and, well, Sebastian told me to make a blog so I can write things down that I shouldn't forget. So, this is it, I suppose.

[RP blog for Richard Brook from the BrainDamaged!Jim AU for BBC Sherlock. Please read about page thoroughly before interacting.]


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"I’m simply curious. Perhaps you gained weight and now I’m the smaller one of the two." He teased him, but eventually softened his expression. "You’re always grumpy with me, it’s no fun."

"I haven’t gained any weight. I want to improve my image, that’s it. I’m always grumpy with you because you’re irritating me.”

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"I’ll probably in the mega Mum mode, where I’ll never want to leave the baby alone," she said, smirking a bit. "But I wouldn’t mind watching you slowly get buff."

Richard smirked right back at her. “Good. I’ll be sure to impress~” he flexed his non-existent muscles at her before snorting.

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Character development meme: Does Richie prefer analog or digital clocks? Silver, gold, or platinum? Mild or strong coffee or tea? What appetizers would he order at dinner?

character development time! give me some interesting questions about my character and i will answer.

  • Richard prefers digital clocks
  • He does love the look of silvery things
  • Stong tea
  • Richard would either order no appetizers at all, or something that involves fruits and veggies; something that he can digest quickly before his next meal.
character development time! give me some interesting questions about my character and i will answer.

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then one night, three years later, the phone buzzed

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[whispers] I’m seeing Kat tonight

(again) ehehehe

Make Trade || The Lone Ranger (Western) AU


It wasn’t difficult for Sebastian to keep his focus. He’d been at this much longer then the native, it seemed. He wasn’t tired in the least at the moment, so he didn’t even need to employ the method he’d suggested. He did let his mind wander a little to what he’d been promised, and what it could mean if only he could get to it. All of those riches, waiting for him to claim them. He could start over.

He was pulled from his private reverie by a series of rapid jerking motions behind him as he felt Little Rabbit whipping around. He was probably searching the mountains and scenery for any sign of trouble, and Sebastian had to chuckle. “Oi, ‘s’okay. Calm down. You can relax.” It wasn’t actually the most ideal to not pay attention to one’s surroundings, but Sebastian could take that upon himself if only the native would stop fidgeting. “You’ll spook the horse, if not. Just calm down and keep your eyes open, okay?”

Little Rabbit stilled as Sebastian spoke up. He forced himself to exhale so he could relax a little, and he didn’t want to accidentally startle the horse as the White Man had said. “Apologies,” he muttered, fidgeting with his hands. He still kept watching their surroundings, but he kept a mental note not to move around too much so as not to scare Kali.

They had been trekking through the valley for a couple of hours, and the native was gradually beginning to relax. It seemed that if they hadn’t encountered any dangers just yet, they wouldn’t encounter any more until they would leave. Of course, he was never going to get that lucky.

He almost didn’t register the zip! that cut through the air in front of him. He blinked twice, and noticed a tiny dart had embedded itself into the side of Sebastian’s neck. Nookuhehe shouted in alarm and pulled back, afraid he was going to be the next target. Unfortunately, he also frightened Kali, who neighed and reared at the sudden noise, causing the native to topple back and off the horse. “Sebas—!” he grunted as he came in contact with the ground, just as he caught his friend slump, and begin to slide off the side of the horse.

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It was just another night, but instead of shots duty, Sebastian was merely assigned to work the crowds and invite people back to the rooms in the back of the club. He eyed up a few hopefuls but decided to give them a little while longer to get into the mood. As he approached the bar, he noticed a few people and made his way to the outskirts of the small crowd, listening for any proper interest.

"N-no, I told you: I’ve got a boyfriend." Richard told the bloke obviously trying to get with him, but it seemed like he wasn’t listening to him. He was lying, of course; he didn’t have a boyfriend, but it seemed like Paul wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. The actor glanced around helplessly, hoping for someone to notice how uncomfortable he was, and how the other man was standing much too close for comfort to him.




"Really? We can get buff together~"


"I don’t think I’ll have much time to get buff. Too busy taking care of a crying, pooping machine."

"We could swap every other day if you like. One of us goes to the gym while the other looks after the baby."